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Hi, I'm Roman.

Pleased to meet you!



I am a retired Ontario secondary school teacher with thirty four years of experience.  My teaching subjects are English, English as a Second Language, Reading and Special Education.  


Certified with the Ontario College of Teachers, I continue to work occasionally as a supply teacher with the Peel District School Board.  With a solid understanding of language acquisition and what makes good writing, I can quickly identify the client’s language needs and the necessary teaching strategies to ensure improvement and success.  I have also edited two memoirs.  


My hobbies including reading, canoeing, sailing, and hiking.  In addition to spending time with my wife and two adult daughters, I enjoy walking my four-year-old Bernedoodle.  I'm a proud member of Oakville's Canadian Coast Guard Auxillary unit TOWARF.   


Bachelor of Arts Degree 

September 1979 - June 1983

I attended the University of Toronto where I majored in English and Ukrainian literature and minored in Philosophy.  I also played Varsity soccer.   

Bachelor of Education Degree, OCT 

September 1983 - June 1984

I earned a teaching degree from the University of Toronto, majoring in intermediate/senior English and ESL.

Additional Qualifications:

Reading, Special Education (Parts I and 2) and ESL Specialist


  • English

  • Ukrainian

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